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Updated: Mar 1, 2023

And Then Myth Was Born... The name was sent by the divine one evening over dinner at Grapevine down the street on Orleans. We officially rebranded and reintroduced the gallery in the spring of 2019. It was great to have Scott step out from behind the wizard curtain and come fully on board in every way. And it's been great to see him push himself in various creative directions ever since.

Fun Resets, so many resets, so many paint chips, a lot of late night memories.

The Dollhouse was a gallery model that Scott dreamed up to help us plan and design resets while across the country.

The Coolest Unidentified Floating Shelves

The Greatest Neighbors & Friends & Regular Local Flavor Characters

So Many Fun Events

Prime Parade Viewing- Easter, Barkus, & Krewe du Vieux are my Favorites and we've had some mighty good parties and a whole lot of champagne runs.

Mail Call is the best. Nobody gets mail like Myth does. Scott almost always sends doodles and Betsy sometimes sends chocolates along, handfuls of beads tossed in the box, and sometimes even a handful of hairbrush hair. It's a surprise always.

When Valentinos Used to Come to Work with Me & All the Daily Dogs that depend upon us for their biscuits

When We Had a Gallery Snake Named Monty

The Holiday Decor


And Yoga

The Photoshoots


The Guest Artists & Pop Ups

The Time That the Prince of Monaco Came to Royal Street to Dedicate a Plaque to His Aunt, Princess Alice

We Made T-Shirts

And We Made Books

And Pillow Shams

& Fans

The Time That We Took Homer Simpson to Martha's Vineyard.

The piece was a collaboration between Betsy & our neighbor & friend Butch Von Dreaux. We've taken art to Israel, Greece, all over Asia, Mexico and many fun short trips across the South but this trip and this piece as a travel companion were tops.

Sally Ride's Tea Party & The Bunny Ball

Petros is a pelican now living in Florida but forever in my heart as Betsy took the name inspiration from the famous pelican named Petros that is an icon of the island of Mykonos. Petros and I were inseparable the summer of his creation as Betsy allowed him to go where I went and do what I did all of which I documented and created a fun comic book with.

The Worms

When Drew, a beloved collector and friend, Comes By After a Holiday Luncheon, a damn blast.

The Story of the Gallery Rat That We Named Milton and was then memorialized sculpturally forever by Betsy is a long one but the short form of it is that one night with some liquid courage we brought the evasive rat we'd finally successfully trapped over to the banks of the Mississippi River to be among friends. By we, I mean Betsy, myself, and my sweet vegan animal loving boyfriend that I met the night of our gallery opening, six years ago today. We went our separate ways then bumped into each other in the wine aisle at Rouses each of us getting a celebratory bottle when our phones began going off alerting us that the gallery alarm had been triggered. Watching the cameras together we realized that we had separated two lovers and Juliet back at the gallery was desperately searching for her Romeo that was now a river dweller.

The Time Betsy Was Able to Source in Person Again "After" the Pandemic

& the Feeling of Pressure Washing the Buildings in Preparation to Reopen After Lockdown

The Commissions have been a blast, every single one of them, almost. I particularly love commissions because I enjoy a "never hurts to ask" person almost as much as I love a true individual with creative ideals. The magnifying glass came out so old world cool and was made for one of my favorite French Quarter couples. The bulldog was such a thoughtful gift from husband to wife and the best part was the surprise delivery of it when they vacationed in New Orleans and the last thing she expected to see at her favorite gallery was this tribute to her team waiting for her.

The Time We Did a Podcast

The Time We Filmed a Film Short

View it Here

The Time We Walked with Big Chief Demond Melancon on Fat Tuesday was one of the most holy experiences of my life. Working with he and his wife, Alicia, was incredibly touching and inspiring for me but also as a native, it was an experience of reverence hard to put into words.

The Children that have graced us over the years have been one of my favorite things to witness. The way that they interact with the work is pure and true, often very funny, and always heartwarming as quite often they are the ones who get their family to come in and see what it's all about.

Watching My Child Grow Up in the Gallery has been a dream come true. I grew up in my dad's two galleries- one in Mykonos and the other two doors down on Royal Street. I was raised in the house directly between these three galleries with the Myconian blue shutters. Bobby was 4 when we opened and is now 10. He has sold his own work at the gallery and declared many times that he is the assistant manager. The innumerable memories made warm my heart so much.

The Time That Lenny Kravitz Was on Our Block

The Book Signing we hosted with Chad & Alta regarding their account of alien abduction.

The Egg Drop Shipping Test

The Time That We Designed a Carriage Ad

The Eclipse

When The Artists Come to Town

The Time That Betsy Inspired a Tattoo

The Time That Tom Dressed Way Up for an Opening

Storm Preppin & the Feeling of Smashing that Lock Off of the Shutters After it's Passed

It. This is the one that got away. The stuff of dreams, that can't eat can't sleep kind of love. It was a gloriously and grotesquely grand collaboration between Betsy & Scott.

The Story of the Skull Mirror, one of the raddest ever of Scott's creations, is that his brother gave it to him via a renovation to the Marshall Fields department store in Chicago. Scott took it from there...

Aphrodite was before my time but still ranks as a favorite because the titling is brilliant, the tail is precious, the smirk is amusing, and I love pink.

The Sweet Life was special. Truly, it was just so utterly sweet and endearing. It was also so much fun atop it's messy honey shelf.

Clutch is a piece that is all about motive. Is the clutch predatory or protective? A question to reflect upon for a lifetime as it's applicable to much.

The Beast was exquisite in every way but the size and weight of him were so striking as was the pallet, pattern work, and sheer amount of abalone implemented. This piece is so fondly missed though his collector is a dear and enjoying him to the fullest.

Cinderella was such a piece out of left field from Scott and just wondrous and so lovable.

More Favorite Pieces & Memories

The Cakes were definitely one of my favorite series ever. Total joy bringers.

I proudly own the Happy Birthday cake, top row right, and it delights me daily as I make my coffee and prepare to greet a new day in New Orleans.

The Spider series was so wonderfully weird and it was love at first sight for me as I revere spiders as one of my highest totems and have had a memorable run in with a brown recluse. I keep my Betsy spider on my nightstand.

The Nymph on the Log is a forever favorite. What can be said other than that face, that damn face is so enchanting.

Final Words from Your Gallerist

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