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Reginald loves music. His favorite musician is Feist. He learned to how to count by listening to her. Reginald isn't a street rat, he is a fancy fellow who loves to play tag and chew bubble gum. Sometimes the bubbles he blows are as big as his head. This little fellow's heart feels playful and loyal. He is a true friend. 


The materials that dress Reginald include remnants of beaded purses from the beginning to mid 1900's. I embrace the idea that these beaded and embroidered hand bags were precious in the past. A favorite purse that was used on special occasions. How could there not be love imbued in such a thing?


The form beneath is an original carving by R. Scott Long.





Repurposed antique glass doll eyes

Contemporary glass beads

Antique glass beads and stones

Swarovski flatback stones

Rhinestone cup chain (the Czech Republic)


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