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Lily Tower

Lily Tower

Growing out of the muddy and wet soil, water lilies symbolize purity, fertility, rebirth, truth, patience, peace, enlightenment, and good fortune.


Lily Tower is a reminder that all of nature is interconnected and interdependent. When we see ourselves in nature we connect through the communion inherent in shared experiences. This tower pulls towards the sun and the light. We yearn for that which nourishes and supports us just like this flower.




-Natural turquoise

-Vintage and contemporary glass bugle beads

-Druzy beads

-Vintage and contemporary beads and glass stones

-Vintage and contemporary cup chain (Czech Republic)

-Antique beaded (glass) purse fragments

-Craft pearls

-Glass doll eyes (1860-1930)

-Antique porcelain doll parts

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