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Heads and Tails by Betsy Youngquist

Heads and Tails by Betsy Youngquist

8x3x3 inches


Seeing Eye Dolls "Heads and Tails" speaks of the duality of our physical, mammal self and the divine energy field we inhabit. Are we immortal? Are we finite? How do we integrate and balance the two experiences of our existence? "Heads and Tails" playfully explores the existential crisis from the comfort of a doll's point of view. This petite assemblage is made from a variety of repurposed materials including antique doll parts, scraps from a vintage beaded clutch, scraps from an old fur coat, and a wooden mid-century foundry form. This beaded world is additionally adorned with glass flatback stones, pressed Czech glass, pearls, druzy beads, coral, tangerine quartz crystal, vintage glass beads, hand-carved bone and shell flowers, and contemporary glass beads. The Seeing Eye Doll Series explores the sometimes overlooked magical truths that swirl around our everyday adult lives.


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