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Artemis Star Flower

Artemis Star Flower

7x8x2 inches

Artemis the Star Flower is a wall-hanging Goddess flower who embodies paradoxes. She is associated with both birth and chastity, as well as the hunt and the protection of wild animals. Artemis is considered a goddess of empowerment and her flower attributes carry with them love and wisdom.

The materials used in the creation of Artemis the Star Flower were adhered to the surface using a mosaic technique. The structure beneath the beads is an original hand-sculpted form. There is an interesting narrative to this piece. An arrow pierces the side of Artemis where her petals and abalone armor meet. Her other side has an African Grey Parrot feather emanating out of a vintage African glass tube bead. Here a duality is represented that communicates life should only be taken with the deepest of respect and honor. The need to kill in order to survive also carries with it the stewardship of caring for that which we are capable of destroying. 


-Repurposed porcelain doll parts
-Antique glass doll eyes
-Hand carved mother of pearl flowers
-Vintage glass beaded purse parts
-Contemporary glass beads and stones (Japanese and Czech)
-Vintage African glass beads (Italian)
-African Grey Parrot feather
-Swarovski flat back glass stones

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