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The Parade



The PARADE Series is about how we grapple with the fear of the unknown during a time of human crisis. While self-quarantined, I started to make little dolls and a giant beaded PEEP. Then the idea of making a parade for Easter 2020 (my 55th birthday) while sheltering in place popped into my mind and stuck. The parade ensemble became the 800 block of Royal Street in New Orleans, where a Gay Easter Parade usually passes by Myth Gallery's open doors. 


Peep started as a hand-carved form created by Scott Long. The embellishment includes hundreds of hand-placed Swarovski rhinestones that sparkle and dance in the light. Lighting also changes the color of this Peep to different shades of pink. Truly a feast for the eyes, this beloved, oversized nod to a confectionary icon is a Betsy favorite.



-Large resin eye.

-Vintage rhinestone laden fabric from Kathy Wegman.

-Glass Miyuki beads.

-Druzy beads.

-Swarovski flatback crystals.

-Mother of pearl hand-carved flowers.

-Hand-carved shell flowers.

-Vintage glass beads.

-Contemporary glass beads from Japan and the Czech Republic.


All materials were hand placed using a mosaic technique. Sculptural elements added to the dolls before beading were created by R. Scott Long.

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