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Calliope is a wall-hanging flower who is a sweet friend. A full believer that bees are the bomb, Calliope desires only to chat with her pollinator friends about their travels. She gets along swimmingly with her garden flower friends as well, and is often called upon to arrange secret flower parties where nectar is shared.



Calliope was created using a mosaic process and was lovingly assembled with a multitude of mixed media elements. She is from the series “Flower Power” that celebrates our symbiotic relationship with plants, and gives a nod to the 60s revolution that brought our attention to a need for change. 




-Contemporary glass beads

-Glass beads from France made in the 1800s

-Swarovski flat back stones

-Antique porcelain doll head with old glass doll eyes

-Antique glass stones

-Comtemporary glass pearls

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