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Flight Lessons

Flight Lessons

25X19X2.5 Framed

11.25X8.25 Interior painting size


This beaded painting by Betsy Youngquist is an example of the work Betsy was creating when she started her adult creative journey decades ago. Recently, Betsy decided to revisit her beaded paintings to discover the stories they wanted to tell in the Inner Earthlings exhibition ay Myth Gallery. Under the beads there is a complete painting in acrylic inks on watercolor board. Betsy uses the painting as a color guide for her bead application. Once the painting is completed, the beads, stones, and other mixed media materials are added using glue. An acrylic clear coat finishes the work. The narrative content in these pieces becomes a personal snapshot of a moment in the artist's life using a a menagerie of characters and symbols. Here the figure is open to the discovery of magic in life and with open arms excepts her journey as it moves from the comfort of the Inner Earth to the exposed world above ground. Flight Lessons is about overcoming fear through faith and openly inviting with gratitude the energy of love that surrounds us all to assist. Faeries, unicorns, aliens, and other creatures inhabit the worlds the figure moves through. The crystals become the energy of the womb, which we must leave in order to thrive and grow. There are two pieces in the Inner Earthling series, they both represent different sides of the same theme. Two sides that move back and forth in the duality inherent in change. The frame on this piece was handcrafted in Rockford, IL by Jeremy Klonicki and was fashioned out of salvaged old organ wood from a church that was located in Rockford. The piece is protected with UV blocking glass. 2019. 

NOTE: This item requires special handling and shipping setup: we will handle this item as a separate shipping arrangement and charge. Please contact the gallery after purchase to arrange delivery: or 504.513.8312
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