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11x13x1 Inches framed 

5.5x8 Inches interior beaded painting size

This beaded painting by Betsy Youngquist is an example of the work Betsy was creating when she started her adult creative journey decades ago. Under the beads there is a complete painting in acrylic inks on watercolor board. Betsy uses the painting as a color guide for her bead application. Once the painting is completed, the beads, stones, and other mixed media materials are added using glue. The narrative content in these pieces becomes a personal snapshot of a moment in the artist's life using a a menagerie of characters and symbols. Here a fawn is safely nestled in a womb as the outside world hurls red arrows at her. Roots and flowers keep the forest present in her life as the stars in the night star speak to the wonder of existence. Betsy befriended a fawn she saw just after it was born. A curious soul, the fawn always lagged behind her mother and sibling as Betsy approached throughout the year. After one hunting season this fawn's young sibling was killed and left by an irresponsible hunter on Betsy's mom's property. Womb is an expression of trying to keep a friend and deer safe in a world where that just isn't possible. Loss is the theme of this current series of paintings.
Womb is protected with UV blocking glass. International buyers please convo Betsy about shipping charges.

    5.200,00$ Precio
    2.600,00$Precio de oferta
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