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River Bed

River Bed

23X23X2 Inches


Over 70 antique hand blown German glass doll eyes peak through River Bed into the surrounding space. This circular beaded landscape is framed with an antique metal barrel rim and made to represent the channel of an ancient river bed with its' flow separating at a fork. Dozens of Tangerine Quartz Crystal points from Brazil and elk antler tips grow out of the ground in this enchanted topography. Little treasures can be found among the surface elements. The dark glass components in River Bed include vintage Italian glass beads dating to the 1800s and earlier. There are both vintage and contemporary glass stones embedding in the surface as well.


NOTE: This item requires special handling and shipping setup: we will handle this item as a separate shipping arrangement and charge. Please contact the gallery after purchase to arrange delivery: or 504.513.8312

    9 000,00$Prix
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