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17X17X11 Inches


On May 17th of 2018 our beloved dog, Chaco, passed over in our backyard surrounded by loved ones. Chaco's backyard domain had always been a nursery for wildlife, and during the time of his decline in health and death, two baby crows were being raised by their parents there. Chaco was a dog who was very observant of the activity above his head. Scott carved two birds in honor of Chaco and the crows being raised in our yard. This first bird, Muninn, stands as a representation of memory. Behind the heartstone on Muninn is a chamber holding a copper vial with some of Chaco's ashes inside as well as a bit of our dog's fur. Muninn is a guardian for the memory of those we hold in our hearts forever. The day of Chaco's passing was filled with beautiful synchronicities amidst the sadness. We thank our beautiful boy for the gift of his life as it intertwined with ours for 12 1/2 years. :) Muninn's coverlet includes vintage and contemporary beads and stones, Chinese natural turquoise, antique African beads (glass and brass), quartz crystals, coral, and glass prosthetic eyes.


NOTE: This item requires special handling and shipping setup: we will handle this item as a separate shipping arrangement and charge. Please contact the gallery after purchase to arrange delivery: or 504.513.8312

    18 500,00$Prix
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