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Unraveling, Beaded Square Project, Betsy Youngquist, 2020

Unraveling, Beaded Square Project, Betsy Youngquist, 2020

Unraveling, Beaded Square Project, Betsy Youngquist, 2020


Two of three in a series inspired by the Beaded Squares Project.

The project is a quilt-like approach to beadwork. Bead artists of every kind are invited to donate a 6x6 inch square of beadwork about this year of pandemic and upheaval. The pieces will be displayed together like patches in a quilt at the Museum of Beadwork and will become part of the Museum's collection (it's a good thing to be in a museum collection). The squares may be grouped and sent out to other museums giving this project additional legs and exposure. A creative time capsule of sorts. After creating the original square for the project I was inspired to create two additional 5x5 inch squares for Myth Gallery.

-Betsy Youngquist


"The Unravelling is about the turmoil and upheaval that is sometimes needed for us to undo what has been woven in the past in order to find a new awareness. Rebirth can be a painful process, and this piece reminds me that even in the darkness times we are supported by light."


The patterned white repurposed beadwork is a nod to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The wrapped beadwork is made from repurposed Victorian beaded trim and vintage beaded handbags.

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