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Gator Girl

Gator Girl



Gator Girl is a herpetologist whose specialty is alligators. She simple loves them. Every Mardi Gras Gator Girl travels to New Orleans and dresses as a gator. She once dressed as a crocodile for a little something different, but thought better of it later. The alligators just wouldn't approve. Gator girl believes all life is precious and never eats alligator.

Gator Girl's doll parts are from three different dolls and and her clothing is made from repurposed antique beaded purse sections with embroidery.



-Antique porcelain doll parts

-Antique French sequins

-Vintage beaded purse scraps

-Swarovski stones


-Repurposed fur

-Vintage beads from the 1800's

-Brass leaves

-African brass bead

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