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Hand Shake the Hybrid Space Probe

Hand Shake the Hybrid Space Probe

6.25 x 3.75 x 3.75 inches


This beaded probe by Betsy Youngquist is part of an interstellar space training group comprised of mineral/biological hybrids. 

Hand Shake is an ambassador of peace and unity. He holds a hand out for anyone who needs it between his quartz propulsion rods. So far, Hand Shake has united 54,890 planets in mutual support and love. He has won multiple awards for his beautiful heart and soul. There are also diamond tear tattoos on his face symbolizing his pilot's compassion for all life.

This space probe is made from many repurposed materials The adhesion technique is mosaic.



-Antique porcelain doll head

-Brazilian quartz crystal points

-Antique and contemporary beads and stones

-Czech Republic rhinestone cup chain

-Antique brass 

-African Glass Beads

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